Public Works Department

Your Public Works Crew

The Public Works Department is operated by two full-time employees, overseen by the Borough Manager.  Tip your hat at them out there when you seem them!  At times, when budgeting allows, the Borough may hire seasonal employees as well; during the summer and winter months.  Additionally, the Borough may need to sub-contract snow removal operations if severe weather incidents occur.  The Public Works crew is responsible for maintaining approximately 32 acres of Borough property.  During the winter months, your crew maintains more than six street miles of road; plowing snow and adding traction control materials.  The crew conducts Borough clean-up of facilities, parks, and streetscapes.  The Crew is also responsible for small construction projects and minor road repairs.  Regardless of the weather conditions, our public works staff is committed to maintaining the Borough and keeping the community looking clean and presentable for residents and visitors.

Leaf Collection Operations

Leaves should be placed on the tree lawn/curbside areas for pick-up (not in the roadway, because rain events could cause the drains to clog and result in flooding). After Thanksgiving, leaves must be bagged for pick-up. DO NOT put tree limbs and shrubbery trimmings in the leaves because they will damage the leaf collection machine.  Visit the “Waste and Recycling” menu and click on “Leaf Collection” for more information.

Street Sweeping Operations

The Street Sweeping Program has officially started!  The first day of the program was initiated on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016.  There will be more information to follow, but for now, the program will run from April 1st through October 31st of each year.  This will be widely dependent on weather conditions and other needs of the Borough.  Each month the program is operational the street sweeper will be out on Borough streets during the first and third weeks of the month.  Streets west of SR 512/Walnut St will be completed during the first week.  Streets east of SR 512/Walnut St will be completed during the third week.  So please, do the Public Works crew a favor and have your cars moved during these times so they can clean up our streets!  Visit the “Public Works Department” menu and click on “Street Sweeping” for more information.

Snow and Ice Control Operations 

Public Works operates three vehicles equipped with plows and salt spreaders. Salt and cinder is applied to designated snow routes, hills and school zones when the snow begins to stick to the roads. There is approximately 6 miles of borough streets the crew maintains. PennDOT salts and plows all State Roads; the Borough is not responsible for state roadways.

The Borough has the following pieces of equipment for snow & ice control:

  1. 1999 John Deere 310-E Loader/Backhoe
  2. 2001 Ford F-450 Dump Truck with plow and salt spreader
  3. 2009 GMC 6500 Dump Truck with plow and salt spreader
  4. 2013 GMC Sierra 2500 Pickup Truck with plow and salt spreader; also used as salt brine truck
  5. 2013 GMC Sierra 3500HD Dump Truck with plow and salt spreader
  6. 2016 CAT 259-D high flow Skid steer Loader with SR318 Snowblower attachment

Plowing begins when the snow reaches two (2″) inches in depth. If the snow accumulation is greater than four (4″) inches, the crews will continuously plow all snow routes to keep the streets open for emergency vehicles. A full-width plowing is done at the end of the storm to open all streets. During plowing operations, snow is pushed to the right side of the road blocking driveways and parked cars. Residents may wish to wait until the street plowing operations are complete before digging out driveways and parked cars.

The Municipal Parking Lot(s) are salted and/or plowed as soon as manpower is available. During winter weather emergency conditions (snow accumulation of two or more inches, existing snow/ice conditions which make driving particularly hazardous, or upon declaration by the Mayor), on-street parking is restricted as follows: (a) parking is prohibited on Snow Emergency Routes (SERs) — State Routes 512, 987, 329, 248, and 3020 and Borough streets that have signs designating them as SERs; and (b) parking is restricted to even numbered days (between the hours of Midnight and 8:00 AM) on the even numbered side of the street and odd numbered days on odd numbered side of the street.  These restrictions are necessary to facilitate snow plowing/removal and to enable emergency personnel to get to incident locations quickly and safely.

The Borough will not be accepting complaints from citizens on what roads should be snow plowed, applied with salt and/or anti-skid materials.  Public Works will follow a road hierarchy plan that designates roads into priorities.  SERs will be cleared first, secondary routes next, and finally tertiary routes, such as rear alleyways will be done last.  Each winter storm is different and the type of precipitation that falls determines the type of response from our Public Works crew.  The Borough will make every effort to keep main and side roads as safe as reasonably possible considering the ever-changing conditions during winter weather. 

Sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner and must be cleared 12 hours after the snowstorm is over. It is illegal to throw snow from your sidewalk, driveway, or parked car into streets or alleys. If there is a fire hydrant in front of your property, please remove the snow around it. This will save time in case of an emergency.

From time-to-time, plow crews may pile snow near driveways and sidewalks that intersect with streets.  Public Works does not unblock private driveways and sidewalks!  Please refrain from approaching snow removal crews in their vehicles to make contact with them.  This creates an unsafe condition for our operators, the public, and you!  If you find it necessary to file a complaint, call the Borough Office at (610) 837-6525.  If you think a public road(s) are unsafe due to winter weather conditions, notify the non-emergency line of 9-1-1.  If you find another more serious emergency, call 9-1-1. 

Please see further information under the “Snow Emergency & Removal Tips” menu. 

(Last Updated 08/30/2015)

(Last revised 12/14/2016)