FALL 2016 – Ciff Cowling Pavilion Gets a New Floor!

The Borough of Bath is one of, if not the oldest, community in Pennsylvania.  Bath does not have a large commercial or industrialized base to generate revenues from.  There are limited funding resources available to Bath for major capital improvement projects and making necessary repairs to the local infrastructure, including park resources.  This means Borough leaders must be creative, innovative, a little lucky at times, along with having a strong relationship between residents and business owners.

When you look around Bath, its evident a lot of work needs to be done.  Streets need to be repaired and parks need to be refurbished.  So when Mayor Mirabito looked at the Ciff Cowling Pavilion she saw a need and how to fix it.  

The Pavilion is more than 50 years old.  The concrete floor has been in dire need of replacement; the floor has heaved, cracked, and has become a public hazard.  To replace the concrete floor would probably cost in excess of $35,000.00.  Money the Borough’s Park & Recreation budget doesn’t have.  Mayor Mirabito turned toward the community for help.

Within a few days, she was given an amazing donation by 4-Winds Concrete– the company would donate all concrete material needed for the job.  This was a huge donation, considering 1,170 square feet of concrete needed to be poured.  In all, the donation was for just over 22 yards of concrete.  But this didn’t solve all the issues.  Concrete work is tough and three other major components were still required.  First, where would the old concrete be disposed of?  Second, how would new material and the subsurface be installed.  Third, who would finish the concrete surface?  The 4-Winds donation led to others wanting to pitch-in and help out anyway they could to get this project done.  

And the community came together.  Business professionals and residents worked side-by-side to complete the project.  Resident volunteers, Manny Mirabito and Andrew Ehrgott worked through two weekends and well into a few nights assisting with site preparation and finishing.  A.J. Trunzo and company donated the forming material, base material, and the means to dispose of the old concrete floor.  A.J. Trunzo’s company donated approximately 65 tons of base material for the new floor subsurface.  In addition, Mr. Nick Krause of Krause Enterprises, Inc., donated his time and tools assisting volunteers in pouring and finishing the concrete floor.

With more than 50 years of neglect, the pavilion finally has a new concrete floor!  The project took just over 1 week to complete.    The pavilion looks fresh, updating the Ciff Cowling Park area.  What would’ve cost more than $35,000.00 was done for less than $500 through the tremendous community-business partnership.  The Borough thanks Mayor Mirabito, Manny Mirabito, Andrew Ehrgott, 4-Winds Concrete, A.J. Trunzo, and Nick Krause for this incredible donation to improve our community!

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