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In addition to the Borough’s proactive Zoning and Code Enforcement approach, sometimes we do not see or catch everything that occurs in town.  Bath residents  are the best front line eyes and ears to what goes on in the community.  If you see questionable zoning or code practices, please let us know about it.  We do request that any and all complaints be submitted to the Borough in writing, on our Municipal Complaint Form.  Your information is kept confidential but is required for us to perform proper investigations.  The Municipal Complaint Form is not subject to the Right-to-Know law and is not released to the public.

Follow the link below for a copy of our Municipal Complaint Form.  File your complaint with our Borough Office and it will be recorded on our Complaint Tracking List.  You may be notified for additional information at the request of the Zoning/Code Enforcement Official.  Any matters that may transition into the Pennsylvania Crimes Code will be forwarded to the police for further investigation.  The Borough Office has up to 30 days to review an originating complaint, so please have patience with the process.

Zoning & Code Enforcement Questions?

The Borough contracts for Zoning, Code, and Building Inspection services through Barry Isett & Associates.  Mr. Shawn Leidy is the Borough’s designated Zoning/Code Enforcement Official and Building Code Official.  In addition to Mr. Leidy, Barry Isett has an entire team that performs plan reviews and Uniform Construction Code (UCC) inspections for various building permits.

Mr. Leidy can answer general questions regarding Zoning and Code Enforcement through the link below- email is the best mode of contact as in-house office hours are limited.  The Borough Manager may also answer common questions about Zoning or Code regulations. 

Please keep in mind that the Borough does not engage in pre-approval of site or construction projects.  Any information you receive regarding general Zoning and Code questions is unofficial until you actually apply for a permit application.  The Zoning/Building permit once issued becomes a legally binding document.  Under certain circumstances a UCC Permit may also be required in conjunction with the Zoning/Building permit.

Questions can be emailed to Mr. Shawn Leidy at: SLeidy@BarryIsett.com

Where do I send in my Complaint Form?

You can scan a signed copy of your complaint to one of the following:

Borough Manager’s Office: manager@boroughofbath.org

Borough Office: secretary@boroughofbath.org

Zoning & Code Enforcement Office: zoning@boroughofbath.org

Remember, you can always pick up a copy of the Municipal Complaint Form at the Borough Office.  You can also submit your complaint forms to the Borough Office during normal business hours.

(Last revised 04.12.2017)

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