Leaf Collections

Leaf Collection Operations

Leaves should be placed on the tree lawn/curbside areas for pick-up (not in the roadway, because rain events could cause the drains to clog and result in flooding). After Thanksgiving, leaves must be bagged for pick-up. DO NOT put tree limbs and shrubbery trimmings in the leaves because they will damage the leaf collection machine. Visit the “Waste and Recycling” menu and click on “Leaf Collection” for more information.

Leaf Collection Policy

Leaf collection is conducted by the Borough Public Works crew per Borough Policy PW-2015-02.  The following is information you will need to know regarding leaf collection.

The leaf collection season is typically from mid-October through mid-December.  This is all dependent on priorities of public works department work, weather conditions, volume of leaves and available staff.

Leaf collection throughout the Borough will be done through zones and designated pickup days.  Leafs should be placed curbside by 7:00 am in accordance with your pickup zone and scheduled pickup date:

ZONE 1: COLLECTION DAYS MONDAY & THURSDAY – Properties located west of SR 512/N & S Walnut St

ZONE 2: COLLECTION DAYS TUESDAY & THURSDAY – Properties located east of SR 512/N Walnut St & north of E Northampton St from SR 512/N Walnut St to the Borough limits

ZONE 3: COLLECTION DAYS WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY – Properties located east of SR 512/S Walnut St and south of E Northampton St from SR 512/N Walnut to the Borough limits.

See the map below.  Find where you live and follow the collection guidelines.

Leaf Collection Rules

  1. Pile leaves near the street curb and arrange piles in windrows, rather than circular piles.
  2. Please be mindful when piling leaves along the street and street gutters when rain is anticipated; this could clog storm drains and cause flooding.
  3. Avoid piling leaves near trees, poles, mailboxes, hydrants, parked cars (if possible) and other obstructions and along narrow-laned side streets/alleys.
  4. The following will not be collected by the Public Works Department: a) leaves in bags or other containers; b) leaves mixed with brush.

Alternatives to Curbside Collection

  1. Mulch leaves directly into your lawn.
  2. Place leaves on vegetable or flower gardens, or around trees and shrubs to serve as a moisture blanket and soil nutrient.
  3. Compost leaves and grass clippings with other organic waste.
  4. Collect your leaves and drop off at the First Regional Compost Authority (FRCA) composting site.

Residents are strongly advised to follow the leaf collection policy.  Complaints for missed leaf collection will not result in the crew to respond to your property!  You must follow these guidelines and your leaves will be collected.

(Last Updated 09/02/2015)

(Last revised on 09/21/2016)

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