Trash Collection and Recycling

The Borough of Bath has a Single Hauler Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2010-615) whereby the Borough contracts with one private hauler to provide both trash collection and recycling services. Advanced Disposal is currently the Borough’s designated trash and recycling hauler.  Bills are sent out in February.

Additional Information

Cart System

What’s a cart?– refers to a plastic container (64 – 96 gallon, equipped with wheels, handles and a tight-fitting, non-detachable cover. Carts shall be capable of curbside Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling collection. Carts for Recycling collections shall be clearly marked for the collection and storage of Recyclables. Cart weight, when full, shall not exceed manufacturer’s weight maximum.

If you have a 64 or 96 gallon cart already, you can pair them up as long as you do not exceed collection limitations.  If you desire to use your own personal cart for recyclables, please contact Advanced Disposal for a “Recyclables” sticker than can be affixed to your cart.  There may be a charge for the sticker.  Call ahead and check with Advanced Disposal.

Waste & Recycling Containers

What’s an Acceptable Trash Container?– refers to a metal or plastic receptacle can with a capacity of 20-30 gallons, or Cart, for the collection and storage of Municipal Solid Waste. Bags may be used as an Acceptable Trash Container provided, when filled, said bag shall weigh no more than thirty-five (35) pounds. If using bags, please be sure they are tied off and don’t have punctures or holes.

What’s an Acceptable Recycling Container?– refers to the Borough of Bath 32-gallon, green, cylindrical, plastic container, or Cart, clearly marked for the collection and storage of Recyclables.

Volume Collection Services

Collection of up to fifteen (15) water-tight plastic bags no larger than thirty-five (35) gallons to be collected only when properly tagged with Borough tags and no more than one time per calendar year, per Residential Dwelling Unit. Additional charges may apply.

One (1) Bulk Item each week on the regularly scheduled collection day is permissible.

White/Metal Goods Collection

Twice a year (spring and fall) curbside collection of White/Metal Goods on regularly scheduled collection dates.  Resident is responsible for obtaining a licensed contractor for the removal of Freon before placing item curbside. If not tagged, item will not be collected. 

Yard Waste Collection

Twice a year (spring and fall) curbside collection of Yard Waste on regularly scheduled collection dates. No residential Dwelling Unit shall place more than 192 gallons of Acceptable Yard Waste out for collection. Metal or plastic cans may be used for setting Yard Waste out for collection. Brown biodegradable bags may be used for yard waste provided that, when filled, said bag is sealed to prevent the scattering about of its contents and shall not contain any rips, tears or punctures.

Borough Public Works Crew will still collect leaves during the fall season.

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