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The Street Sweeping Program has officially started!  The first day of the program was initiated on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016.  There will be more information to follow, but for now, the program will run from April 1st through October 31st of each year.  This will be widely dependent on weather conditions and other needs of the Borough.  Each month the program is operational the street sweeper will be out on Borough streets during the first and third weeks of the month.  Streets west of SR 512/Walnut St will be completed during the first week.  Streets east of SR 512/Walnut St will be completed during the third week.  So please, do the Public Works crew a favor and have your cars moved during these times so they can clean up our streets!  Visit the “Public Works Department” menu and click on “Street Sweeping” for more information.

Borough Street Sweeping Program

The Borough of Bath adopted its Street Sweeping Policy (PW-2016-01) on April 4, 2016.  Street sweeping is important for the general welfare and safety of vehicles and pedestrians.  In addition, the Borough of Bath takes an initiative to enhance water quality issues and protecting the environmental.  Through our street sweeping program, we aim to limit the types of contaminants and debris found on surface streets that eventually end up in our river systems and watersheds.

The Street Sweeping program is in full swing from April 1 through November 1.  The street sweeping vehicle is operated during the first and third weeks during that time period.  If you live on the west side of SR 512/Walnut St, the sweeper will be through during the first week of the month.  If you live on the east side of SR 512/Walnut St, the sweeper will be through during the third week of the month.  Please see the map below.

Please remember that street sweeping is conducted as weather permits.  If you have a street/road complaint, please call the office (610) 837-6525 or fill out a complaint form and we will prioritize and schedule cleanup in accordance with our policy.  Emergency situations will be handled promptly as directed by our local public safety officials.

When street sweeping operations are expected on your street, please help us out by moving and parking your vehicle elsewhere for the time being.  However, the week long operation during the first and third weeks of the month is in place in case crews need to come back to an area previously missed by a parked car.   At this time, the Borough is not considering the posting of street signs or ticketing violators.  So please, help us out to make this a successful program!


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